Our Research and Development

As a leading manufacturer in the silane new material industry, Beatus is committed to ongoing research and development. We work tirelessly to improve production efficiency and develop innovative production technologies. Our team consists of 25 chemical experts dedicated to innovation. We have also formed partnerships with well-known universities, both locally and globally, to facilitate mutual growth and knowledge sharing.

Our production machines are at the forefront of technology worldwide. The Beatus technology center is equipped with a wide range of modern equipment and proper installations to support our product research and development needs. In addition to standard instruments like gas chromatography (for analyzing components), infrared spectrophotometer (for functional groups), viscosimeter (for viscosity), moisture meter (for moisture), digital pH meters (for pH), turbidity meter (for turbidity), Microcoulomb integrated analyzer (for total chlorine), automatic potentiometric titrator (for free chlorine), digital Abbe refractometer (for refractive index), automatic sulfur meter (for sulfur content), UV visible spectrophotometer (for molecular structure), and conductivity meter (for conductivity), we also have production equipment essential to our field. This includes planetary mixers for experiments, tensile testing machines, kneading machines, high-speed mixers, cement mortar mixers, and coated sand prototypes for preparing coated sand. We also have various laboratory heating and weighing equipment commonly used in our industry.