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The silanol (-OH) terminated silicone polymer serves as the foundation for creating both one-component, moisture-curing RTV silicones and two-component, condensation-curing RTV silicone compounds. The process of synthesizing silicone polymer involves multiple steps starting from elemental silicon. Silicone rubber is a unique compound that combines inorganic and organic elements, with its primary chain consisting of silicon-oxygen bonds and side groups comprising organic components. Renowned for its exceptional properties such as high and low-temperature resistance, weather aging resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation, and biocompatibility, silicone rubber finds widespread applications across industries like aerospace, transportation, chemical, construction, electronics, and more.

Silicone rubber is an elastomeric material formed by vulcanizing various high molecular weight siloxanes as raw rubber, combined with fillers and additives under specific conditions. Categorized based on curing methods and conditions, silicone rubber can be classified into heat vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV) and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV). HTV rubber, with its versatile applications and high demand, typically utilizes polymethylvinyl siloxane as the primary polymer, known for its excellent electrical insulation, water resistance, impact resistance, and vibration resistance.

On the other hand, RTV rubber commonly employs hydroxy-terminated polydimethylsiloxane or low molar weight polymethylvinylsiloxane as the basic polymer and can be further categorized into single-component and two-component varieties. Silicone rubber with high mechanical properties is favored for molding applications due to its low shrinkage and absence of by-products. Conversely, silicone rubber with low mechanical properties, minimal functional fillers, exceptional transparency, electrical properties, and weather resistance is extensively used in medical, electronic, and other specialized industries.

To enhance the properties of silicone rubber, various fillers and additives like carbon black, aerosilicon, and antioxidants are incorporated in appropriate proportions. BEATUS is dedicated to supplying top-quality raw materials to the silicone rubber industry, offering a range of products including carbon black, fumed and precipitated silica (silica), silane coupling agents, and more to drive comprehensive industry development.

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the use of silane coupling agents

Silane coupling agents play a crucial role in enhancing the mechanical, sulfurization, and heat-conducting properties of silicone rubber.

By using silane coupling agents, you can significantly boost the tensile strength, tear strength, and 300% modulus of the silicone rubber.

Additionally, these agents act as physical plasticizers during mixing, reducing viscosity and improving sulfurization properties.

Furthermore, silane coupling agents improve thermal conductivity by forming chemical bonds between thermal conductive fillers and silicone rubber, enhancing interfacial compatibility and reducing thermal resistance.

As silicone rubber becomes more prevalent in modern industry, the use of silane coupling agents is essential to ensure both functionalization and overall performance. By acting as a “bridge” between fillers and silicone rubber, these agents enhance compatibility and dispersion, ultimately improving the quality of silicone rubber products.

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Yes. We are RTV silicone rubber silanes manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years experience. Our functional silanes factory is located in Jiangxi Province. Our silanes products have been exported to more than 40 countries, 600 companies globally.

As the leading silanes supplier in China, we specialize in manufacturing sulfur silanes, amino silanes, methacryloxy silanes, vinyl silanes, alkoxy silanes, mercapto silanes, isocyanate silanes, epoxy silanes, acyloxy silanes, silicone oil, silica, silicone resin, silicone polymer, and other related derivatives.

In accordance with standard business trading practices, we offer the following procedures:

  1. Sample Testing: We are pleased to provide samples for your evaluation of product quality and efficiency.
  2. Inspection System: Our stringent inspection system ensures that all products undergo thorough inspection prior to delivery.
  3. Quality Verification: Customers are welcome to conduct quality checks directly or through a third-party entity post-production.

For small quantity orders, the lead time is within 7 working days. For mass production orders, the delivery time ranges from 30 to 45 days, depending on our production schedule.

The shipping method is determined by our client’s instructions. Typically, we transport our silanes products by sea.

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